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Commercial Moving Company in Massachusetts

Mark’s Moving and Storage Inc., provides comprehensive commercial moving services for any size company or corporation in the greater Boston area.

Certified, professional, and experienced corporate movers are dedicated to your organization’s unique moving and relocation needs. We make the relocation process run smooth and efficient.

Types of Commercial Moves

  • Office Moving
  • Medical Facility
  • Warehouse Moving
  • Commercial Relocation
  • Record Storage
  • Commercial Storage

What all goes into a corporate/commercial move? Below are the different services we provide for our clients:

Asset Decommissioning

Asset decommissioning is the removal of unwanted furniture, equipment, or goods from your office or commercial space at the time of moving. These unwanted items may be one of the following:

  • Surplus or obsolete products
  • Broken equipment
  • Outdated machines
  • Outdated files

At Mark’s Moving & Storage we help reduce the cost and risk associated with space turnover by providing professional planning to help you donate, recycle or dispose of your surplus assets in the most economically and environmentally responsible manner possible.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring systematic removal of confidential data and the hardware that holds it
  • Helping customers meet space turnover requirements on time
  • Strategically planning for surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment

Mark’s Moving & Storage Commercial Moving Tips

Donation & Disposal

If you decide you no longer want or need items and want to have them disposed of or donated we can assist with relocation, donation, or disposal of items requested. We also have our Mark’s Northeastern Furniture Foundation to facilitate donations.

Corporate Storage Options

We offer heated storage and warehousing if you need extra time to buildout during your transition. Our vaulted warehouse and open floor space also offers portable storage and record storage management.

Mark’s Moving & Storage Commercial Moving Checklist

Asset Management

Moving a home is one thing, but moving an entire warehouse or office can be an even bigger undertaking because there are so many valuable items that need to be accounted for. We can provide a commercial asset inventory for each commercial move to ensure each item from your previous space is transported to your new space.

  • Surplus office furniture
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Business Records

Our experienced and dedicated commercial movers allow your organization to settle into its new location quickly and with great ease. Transferring your organization’s operational base smoothly makes everyone happier and more productive from day one. Contact us by calling 508-983-6000 or request a no obligation consultation on our website.


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