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The following information and instructions contained in this guide have been prepared to make packing and moving easier for you and to reduce unnecessary delays. Following these instructions will help to make for a smooth and efficient transfer to your new location.


It is your responsibility to have your staff follow these instructions. Be sure that all employees in your department or section receive this information. Personnel will be functioning in the new offices on a normal basis immediately after reporting to work if the move is properly planned. With our help, it will be.


Unless other arrangements have been made, you will be responsible for packing your possessions before the actual move. Follow the instructions contained on this page. They will be of assistance to you, not only before the move, but also when you unpack at your new office.


All packing should be completed prior to the start of the actual move. Only personnel directly involved with the move should be present during the course of the move.

How to Prepare



Be sure all cartons are properly assembled and packed. We have special cartons and boxes available for electronic equipment, libraries, bulk supplies, lamps and other breakables. If you require special accom­modations or packing services, please discuss those needs with your Mark’s Moving & Storage project manager.


Where locks and keys are available for any items being moved, keys should be wire tagged and coded to the locks they fit and packed in a safe place.


All files should be locked prior to moving. If security regulations necessi­tate escorts, advise your project manager and he or she will make arrangements with the moving crew. Security files may then be consolidated and moved on one or more trucks, as needed.


If secured, remove these items from the wall. Tag each piece according to the instructions listed on this page. Place the items on end, back-to-back in a carton or lean them against the wall and our moving crew will take care of them. Also, consolidate small pictures in each container. Cushion them with packing material which we can provide.

How to Pack


Vertical filing cabinets should be moved with all contents intact. Before the move, tighten the internal drawers plate in each shelf to hold the contents in place. Lateral files should be emptied.


Make sure all contents are packed in cartons. Cabinet doors should then be locked, taped or tied.


Do not pack! Please leave these machines on top of their desk or stand. All machines must be unfastened and disconnected. We will pay special attention to these items and prepare them properly.


Seal paper clips , pencils and all other loose materials in envelopes and then pack them in cartons. Protect all glass receptacles with paper or other stuffings. Leave glass tops and pads on top of desk for our moving and packing crews.


Pack all contents, leaving nothing in the desk itself. Contents include working papers, letter trays, books and other desktop items .


Pack all items and contents.

Packing Instructions



Professional servicing may be required for data processing equipment. This service is available from either us or the manufacturer’s service department. If you require electricians, plumbers or machinists, please advise your Mark’s Moving & Storage project manager well before the moving date. All equipment containing liquids and/or toners must be drained prior to move.


We are not responsible for the safe transportation of plants. Employees must arrange for other methods of transportation.


Kardex Files — Keep rods and file guards tightly drawn. Bind loose cards together with rubber bands in batches of about 150 and pack in cartons.

Odds and Ends — Pack desk clocks, calendars, rubber stamps, bookends in cartons or if special packing is required, notify your Mark’s Moving & Storage representa­tive in advance.

Employees Consolidating — Consolidate your office belongings with those of other employees being located in your immediate area at the new location. This will help conserve carton space.

Electronic and Telephone Service Equipment — Utility servicemen will be notified in advance of the move. Remember, telephone servicemen are required to disconnect phones secured to desks.




These boxes are ideal for packing files and other paperwork. Extra thick for heavy packing.


Protects equipment during the move. Use liberally to cushion fragile items and protect glass during the transition to your new office.


Use this bag for your keyboard and other small computer accessories during the move. The bag protects the equipment from dirt and dust while in transit.


Crates can be used to carry all your office belongings during the move.

Labels and Tagging

Attach a Mark’s Moving & Storage label to all cartons being moved into your new office. Clearly mark on the sticker which room and on what floor it should be moved to.

All items with a “Trash” label will be properly removed by our moving crew. 

Cartons labeled “Storage ” will be removed from your office and stored at our facility until a later date.

All boxes with “Do Not Move” stickers will remain in your old office and will be disregarded by our moving crew.

Affix commercial stickers to the designated areas of all office furniture being moved. These stickers are removable and color coded.

Office Planning

Use the graph below to pre-plan the placement of your furniture and equipment in the new office. This will avoid confusion and delay in setting up your new quarters. A scale of one-half foot or six inches to each square is adequate for most individual office or work area requirements.


Pre-Move Reminders


– Is your desk empty?

– Are all supply cabinets cleared and emptied?

– Are all file drawers locked?

– Are all “Room/Floor” tags appropriately placed?

– Are all wall items properly taken down and either packed or leaning against the wall?

– Did you properly pack all breakable items?

– Are all “Storage” tags appropriately placed?

– Did you disconnect all computers and other office machines?

– Are “Do Not Move” tags appropriately placed?

– Are all desk pads and chair pads tagged?

– Did you tag and clearly mark all items?

– Is the condition of all furniture and equipment carefully checked?

– Are all “Trash” tags appropriately placed?

– Are all liquids drained from equipment?

– Call us with any additional questions: 1.800.966.MARK

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