Warehouse Storage

At Mark’s Moving and Storage, we provide indoor warehouse storage options in our 90,000 square foot secure facility in Westborough, MA. Our 24-hour on-site management also provides the responsiveness to serve your warehousing requests, including distribution services.

What is Warehouse Storage?

Warehouse storage is a general term for open floor storage space. The optimal storage choice of manufacturers, wholesalers, importers/exporters, and businesses is warehouse storage because it allows for warehousing capability of inventory and production items.

Warehouse storage enables businesses to gain space to maximize inventory control by acting as a centralized location that facilitates the selection, distribution, and transportation of goods to desired consumer centers.

The Difference Between Warehouse Storage and Self-Storage

Warehouse storage is the rental of warehouse space and/or vaulted cages to secure items. Warehouse storage helps businesses store everything from massive pieces of equipment to a box of inventory items. This type of storage is preferred by business owners in order to better manage all of their items and store extra equipment.

Self-storage, on the other hand, is for individuals that want to manage their own storage inventory and want to go in and out of their storage unit frequently. Customers rent out various sized units, which they can access any time of the day or week using their private security access.

How Do We Ensure Security at Our Warehouse?

Our facility is located at our corporate headquarters in Westborough, Massachusetts and has a 24-hour monitoring system that provides full-time, around-the-clock warehouse management services to give customers the confidence they need in the security and protection of their storage space.

How Do We Differ from Other Warehouse Storage Facilities?

At Mark’s Moving and Storage, we have been helping customers move and store their possessions all across the world since 1979. What we have found when storing items is flexibility is key. Regardless if you want to store items for a day, a month, or a decade, we know that having flexible terms to scale up or down is a huge advantage.

This is why you will work with a designated storage consultant to discuss and create a storage plan that works for you. Contact a storage consultant and we will be happy to share all the options you have and create a game plan for your needs.

How Much Does Warehouse Storage Space Cost?

Because our terms are flexible, so is the cost. The total storage space cost will depend on the amount of time and size of the space you will use.

Can You Use Warehouse Storage as a Distribution Facility?

The quick answer is YES. Our on-site management is available 24/7 to fulfill all of your warehousing requests. Not only do we offer a safe space for storage, but we also administer efficient distribution and shipping services.

We aim to be a one-stop shop for your company’s storage and distribution needs!

When searching for warehouse storage in Boston, and the greater Massachusetts area, we are ready to help with your storage and distribution needs. Call us at (508) 983-6000 or request a custom estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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