Open Floor Space Storage

At Mark’s Moving and Storage, we created our open floor space storage configurations to provide a flexible open space storage solutions at our Westborough, MA facility. This allows us to provide a scalable option to service all storage sizes and timelines requested.


What is Open Floor Space Storage?

Open floor space storage is the ideal warehouse storage space for businesses, manufacturers, and wholesalers. It gives businesses maximum control of inventory and storage of production items. The facility serves as a centralized location for facilitating the selection, distribution, and transportation of goods to preferred consumer centers.

Open floor space storage is also great for restoration contractors looking for storage options where they have space to restore textiles in our open storage facility.

Open Floor Storage Westborough, MA

The Difference between Open Floor Space Storage and Self-Storage?

Open floor space storage is empty warehouse storage space rented by businesses to store all their inventory items. Business owners prefer this type of storage because it helps them manage their items better and store extra equipment.

Self-storage is for individuals who need a smaller confined space they can access frequently, they can come in and out of the facility any time of the day or week using their private security access.

How do we offer security at our Storage Facility?

Mark’s Moving and Storage has a 24-hour monitoring system that provides full-time warehouse management services to ensure the security and protection of your storage space. Customers can have confidence that their valuable items are kept safe and secure around the clock.

Open Floor Storage Space Westborough, MA

How do we differ from other Open Floor Space Storage facilities?

Mark’s Moving and Storage, Inc. has been helping customers move and store their assets with ease and convenience since 1979. We are committed to offering efficient and responsive customer service. You can contact a storage consultant to help you create your storage plan.

At Mark’s, flexibility is the key. We have different storage plans to suit your needs. Whether you want to keep your items for a day, a month, a year, or even 10 years, you can easily switch between plans according to your needs. We keep these scalable options to best serve your storage needs.

Open Floor Storage Space in Westborough, MA

How much does Open Floor Space storage cost?

Storage cost is based on the amount of time and the size of space you will use, the price for your storage space depends on your storage plan. One benefit to being flexible is that you can scale your storage plan up or down to fit your needs.

Westborough, MA Open Floor Storage Space

When looking for open floor space storage in Massachusetts, you can rely on Mark’s Moving and Storage, Inc. to help you. Our designated storage consultants are looking forward to your call. They will be happy to show you all the options to create a suitable storage plan for your needs.

Call us at (508) 983-6000 to speak with a consultant. We are excited to hear from you.

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