At Mark’s Moving and Storage, we provide record management storage options in our 90,000 square foot secure facility in Westborough, MA. Our 24-hour on-site management also provides the responsiveness to serve your record management requests.

What is Record Management Storage?

Record Management Storage space is available for preserving and managing records from a specific business or organization. This includes any documents, photos, videos, audio recordings, negatives, and other materials that are important to keep filed away.

Types of businesses that use record management:

  • Law Firm Files Storage
  • Doctors Office Files Storage
  • Tax Accountants Documents
  • Financial Institutions
  • Companies that need to preserve documents over a specific amount of time

Things to consider when using a record management company?

  • Security – Our facility is located at our corporate headquarters in Westborough, Massachusetts and has a 24-hour monitoring system that provides full-time, around-the-clock warehouse management services to give customers the confidence they need in the security and protection of their storage space.
  • Disposal – When you no longer need the items, disposing of your records safely is very important. We can set a pre-determined retention time frame and securely shred and destroy documents as needed.
  • Access – Being able to access and find a document when you need it is imperative to a good record management solution. We can store and manage your records as needed.
Record Storage Marks Moving and Storage

How do we differ from other Record Storage facilities?

At Mark’s Moving and Storage, Inc., we offer flexible terms to make sure your needs are being met. Our clients can expand and contract their space usage as their needs expand or contract. We also offer a variety of storage units to fit your needs and budget. From record management storage to portable storage, we are the storage experts in Massachusetts.

How much does Record storage management space cost?

This will depend on your circumstances, but many customers find our records storage management to be cost-effective. The cost is based on the amount of time your items are in storage and the size of the space needed.

When looking for record storage management in Massachusetts, you can rely on Mark’s Moving and Storage, Inc. to help you. Our designated storage consultants are looking forward to your call. They will be happy to discuss all the options to create a suitable storage plan for your needs.

Call us at (508) 983-6000 to speak with a consultant. We are excited to hear from you.


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