Portable Storage

Located in Westborough, MA Mark’s Moving & Storage delivers and picks up portable storage units in Boston, across Massachusetts, and the greater New England Area.

What is the size of a portable storage unit?
We offer two types of portable storage containers.

SMARTBOX 5 x 8 x 8
One option for portable storage is our SMARTBOX units which are 5x8x8 and can hold up to 2,000 pounds.

SMARTBOX portable storage containers offer the convenience of having a storage container delivered directly to your home or business where you can pack and load it at your convenience. When you are ready to store or move your belongings we will pick them up and return your packed unit to our secure storage facility. You can access your belongings by appointment at our storage facility or better yet we can redeliver them back to you whenever you need them.

MODS (Mark’s On Demand Storage) Unit 7 x 7 x 16
The other option is a larger portable storage unit that is a 7x7x16 MODS portable unit. These are large 16 ft. fiberglass and steel containers, extremely secure, safe, and offer plenty of storage space. These units remain at your location or you can load them and they will remain at 111 Milk Street Westborough.

Based on your requirements and the size of your belongings, both of these options will provide a portable storage option for you.

Do I have to store a portable storage unit on my property? Can I store it in your warehouse?

It’s completely your choice! We have both options available for you including storage at the customer site as well as storage at the warehouse. One popular option is loading up a smartbox before your move and having us store the unit in our warehouse, then once you move we can deliver the smartbox to your new home and you can unload as needed. This is great if you are staging your home or need to declutter while your home is being listed.

We also offer this service if a disaster happens such as fire damage or water damage and you need your items out of your house but want them close enough that you can access them in your driveway or back yard.

What is the process of delivery and pick up of a portable storage unit?

Our goal is to make moving and storage a seamless process for our customers.
First, you can schedule your online SMARTBOX or MODS request online. Upon receiving your request, we will schedule the delivery of our storage units to your home/office. When you receive our SMARTBOX or MODS container units, you can keep them as long as you want. Once you are ready to give them back, let us know and we will arrange a reverse pickup from your place or delivery back from our warehouse.

How far will you deliver a portable storage unit?

We provide portable storage units from our warehouse in Westborough, MA to Boston as well as Massachusetts and the surrounding New England area.

Does a portable storage unit come with a lock?

Yes, all of our portable storage units come with a lock system. This will ensure an extra level of safety and security for your stored goods and belongings.

Is a portable storage unit climate controlled?

Our portable storage units are not climate controlled. Also, we do not allow flammables, hazmat, combustible substances, and/or illegal items to be stored in our portable units. However, we do offer heated indoor storage at our corporate headquarters for Marks Moving & Storage.

What makes Mark’s portable storage different from the competitors?

We are the leader in moving, storage, and portable storage services in Massachusetts. Since 1979 we have helped people move and store items all over the world. Each step of the way we work directly with our customers to ensure their needs are met and their satisfaction is earned.
We have a dedicated customer service team who is happy to answer any questions regarding portable storage, please call us at 1-800-966-6275 or request an estimate.


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