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  • Designate “Move Coordinators” within departments to monitor and direct placement of furniture and supplies.
  • Coordinators should work closely with a Mark’s Moving & Storage project manager to make sure everyone understands what is expected before, during and after the move. This will greatly reduce the risk of miscommunication.
  • Distribute move memos and instructions to staff.
  • Work with telephone, computer and data contractors to determine placement of fax, phone and data communication lines.
  • Coordinate with Mark’s Moving & Storage project manager to determine which areas will be packed by us.
  • Post floor plan and make sure all offices and areas at new site are clearly marked regarding placement of furniture and boxes.
  • Make sure parking spaces are available for trucks at both locations. If necessary, make elevator reservations. Confirm with building management the move dates and times. Inform your Mark’s Moving & Storage project manager of all date or time restrictions.


The Day Prior to Move

  • Make sure all items to be moved have Mark’s Moving & Storage ID labels attached so we can identify where items will be placed at new office site.
  • Make sure all “Storage,” “Trash” and “Do Not Move” tags are clearly labeled and appropriately placed.
  • The condition of all furniture and equipment should be carefully checked and noted.
  • All supply cabinets should be cleared and emptied.
  • All wall items should be taken down and either packed or placed against a wall ready to be moved.
  • All breakable items should be properly packed.
  • We cannot move fluids, chemicals or any type of hazardous or flammable materials. Please make sure all liquids have been drained from equipment.
  • Arrange to have all computers and office equipment serviced and disconnected prior to move.


Moving Day

  • All desks should be completely emptied.
  • All file drawers should be locked.
  • All phones, computer scanners, printers and accessories should be in “locked” position or properly packed away
  • Be available to answer inquiries and be prepared to give directions if you have not already done so.


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