Senior Relocation in Metro West Area Massachusetts – Case Study

September 13 2021

“They moved my elderly grandmother from her long time to home to an assisted living facility. The staff took such care with her priceless possessions and were so kind to her. Damon in the office helped schedule and organize the move with the facility with such professionalism and kindness. I can’t thank them enough and will be using them any time I need further services.”

One of our senior project managers, Damon Aronson received this great review, and we decided to interview him to learn more about this move, how senior moves are different then traditional residential moves, and how Mark’s Moving and Storage makes senior relocation as streamlined as possible.

Where did this senior relocation take place?
“We moved this customer from a residential home in the Metro West Area outside of Boston to an assisted living facility in the same area.”

What is the role of our project managers in a senior relocation?
“There are several different factors that go into seniors moves that require special attention. Most of the time we are dealing with an elderly person who really doesn’t want to move and with an anxious family member who wants to make the move go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, my role [Damon] is to talk everyone through the process and help take the stress of the move off of the family and the senior person who is relocating. Whenever you are moving a senior person you are challenged with family dynamics, life long possessions that may be expensive in price and/or expensive with sentimental value which is why we offer packing and unpacking services to help make this a seamless transition.”

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Residential moves vs. senior moves – What’s the difference?
“With residential moves, you are typically only dealing with the person/people moving. However, with Senior Moves you are not only dealing with the person moving, but also with the family, and with the senior community they are moving into, great communication is needed between all of the people involved. Senior relocations tend to be more delicate moves because you need to be respectful of others in the building, health concerns of the individual, organization of possessions, and the seamless transition into a new home.”

Mark’s Moving Process for Senior Moves
“Typically with Senior Moves it is a full service move (packing service, moving the items, and unpacking at the final destination). Senior moves require a little more hand holding because you want them to be comfortable in their new environment. Not only do you want the person moving comfortable, but you want the family to be comfortable when they leave. We typically make sure the new resident is unpacked and set up with their bed, tv, etc.”

Moving or relocating a senior can be a stressful time with many emotions and questions that need to be answered. At Mark’s we strive to make this process as seamless and stress free as possible. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming senior move.

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