Meet Our Team: Richard P. Mullin

April 15 2021

At the heart of Mark’s Moving & Storage, there is a team of dedicated and committed professionals who reflect the company’s community-focused culture. During the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to those on our team and what’s most important to them — on and off the job.

Project Manager

Where did you grow up?

I lived in Dorchester for my first 20 years, then Braintree for 12 and finally Chestnut Hill for the last 23 years.

What was your first job?

I worked summers in wholesale hardware distribution.

How did you get introduced to the moving and storage industry?

Mark recruited me over a glass of wine at a local restaurant we both happened to be dining at — I’m sure he rues the day that happened.

Favorite part of the job?

Interaction with a varied group of clients, each one seeking something just a little different in their respective move.

How do you spend your time when not working?

Not working? This could be a loaded question . . . Cooking, reading about wine and being social.

What sports teams do you root for?

Pats, Tampa Bay Bucs and Celtics.

You’re stranded on a deserted island and can have only three things — what are they?

Water, a knife and waterproof matches.

Favorite food?

Steak au Poivre.

Favorite book or movie?

The Wild Geese. It’s adapted from the book of the same name by Daniel Carney.

What’s one thing very few people know about you?

I’m a Sherlockian expert.

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