Hometown Weekly: Mark’s Moving & Storage Helps Needham High ‘Make a Statement’

March 30 2018

From the Hometown Weekly:

Many of Needham High’s students came home from school with a new addition to their wardrobes on Thursday, March 15, after participating in the annual Make a Statement Day shirt-decorating event.

“It’s a tradition that has been a part of Needham High School for quite a long time now,” said Carolyn Tracey from Needham Youth and Family Services. “Essentially, people felt there was a need to give students an opportunity to express themselves in a positive way, and it was born out of that idea to give kids a creative outlet.”

With Needham Youth and Family Services’ partnership with Mark’s Moving and Lisa’s Boutique making it possible to afford dozens of various sized shirts, Needham High students were invited to decorate them after school to then wear the following day.

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