Community Values: Needham Spotlight

February 28 2021

Mark’s Moving and Storage has a culture steeped in understanding, compassion, and the willingness and desire to help others.

At Mark’s Moving, we support communities by actively participating in them, in and around the Boston and MetroWest area.

We are active in food drives, school outreach programs and many other activities.

Our support comes in many different forms ranging from financial support, volunteered personal time, physical moving labor and transportation assistance, as well as storage.

Consider, for example, our community involvement in the town of Needham. Mark E. Silverman, President and CEO, is a longtime resident of the town and a former president of the Needham Business Association.

Silverman is actively involved in the presentation of the town’s Youth Services Ray of Hope Award. Mark’s Moving donates food and services to help Needham charities. Silverman and his wife Lisa have donated thousands of dollars in clothing to Circle of Hope and the Needham Community Council.

Silverman created the Mark’s Northeastern Furniture Foundation to help repurpose unwanted furniture and reduce waste. The Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce honored the foundation with its 2016 Green Initiative Award.

Mark’s Moving provides T-shirts and other materials each year for Needham High School’s Make a Statement Day. The company also donates services to help facilitate the town’s annual street fair.

Needham is just one town among many where Mark’s Moving is giving back to communities and helping those in need. Learn more about our company and community service here.

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